How to Clean the Exterior of Your House Like a Pro

You might have taken an interest in interior house accessories. Also, you cleaned up this mess wholeheartedly. But what about the dirt, debris, algae, mold, and other damaging bacteria? that have destroyed the exterior of your house. What about your garden with many flowers blooming with dignity? Because you take care of it daily without overlooking them a single day. 

The question arises about your roof, window, gutters, siding, and porch being neglected for many months. It can be a daunting task, but you can easily do it within a few minutes with little guidance and magical products. You can protect your roof from leakage and disastrous bacteria. Moreover, They are entering your house and damaging your health. Furthermore, you want to maintain your home at any angle. For this purpose, you need to observe each aspect closely. It doesn't matter, whether exterior or interior. Your house is your paradise where you will not allow dirt and girt to destroy its beauty and elegance. 

To wipe out dirt from the roof tile or clean the window, you can utilize a fantastic product electric pressure washer. Using this product, you don't need to spend a considerable amount on a professional washer company. Instead, you can accomplish this task yourself without any hindrance and worry. 

Check Out the Roof:

First, you need to wash out your roof from all deadly bacteria caused by cracking, sliding shingles, and leakage. Now, you can't sit at the same place and look for algae, moss to ruin your house. To shield your home, you also need to follow the precautions taken during this expedition. 

  • So, let's start to rinse all organisms from our roof or roof tile. Put on a dress that is specific for cleaning purposes. When you examine the top, there shouldn't be slippery unless there is a danger of any injury. 
  • Now, check out the leakage or repair places that need maintenance. Most people love to have an asphalt roof, thus repairing it with extra care. 
  • If you don't repair your roof at least once a year, you must face the music in case of a considerable price that you have to roof maintenance people. 
  • The thing will not wind up by cleaning the roof. Instead, you have to cut off the trees near your house, which causes cracking on the roof tiles. 
  • Make sure that you don't need to use high-pressure water. Use low-pressure water to wash your roof unless it can prove harmful. 
  • Why not buy a perfect product for washing roofs and other exterior house things? An electric pressure washer will eradicate and vanish all the dust and debris within a few minutes. 

Move Down to the Gutters:

We have talked about the tile roof, and the next step is gutter rain. This prevents damage to the landscaping. Sometimes debris, dirt, leave of trees, stones, and bushes accumulate in the gutter. These things freeze the process and cause many troubles, like water creeping beneath the roof's foundation. 

Thus it's necessary to clear out this disgusting material from the roof. Furthermore, you need to follow practical steps while doing that task;

  • You must have a proper outfit to perform that job, such as plastic gloves.
  • Make sure the ladder is stabilized to avoid injury. You should have the tools to take out leaves. 
  • Many companies and industries are using an electric pressure washer. This tool is friendly to use and has magnificent features. You can also avail yourself of this magical tool to burn up all offensive material.
  • You can turn on the machine and, with the low pressure, compel leaves to get out of your rain gutter. 
  • This work is filthy, but when you wipe it out, then you feel satisfaction. 

Clean Your Siding:

Does vinyl siding look like you bought it new, or has it already changed into gray, yellow stains? Its color shine has been removed, and you didn't notice it once. Now, your house looks ugly, and you know what, these marks are present before you get seen. Similarly, It needs a shower every year. 

It's a valuable time, not talking, so get a bucket to add 70% water and 30% vinegar. You can add any other bleaching powder to enhance its validity. Apply this cleaner onto the siding and remove or cover all the things you want to protect, like plants, windows, etc. Use a brush to clean up this mess, and it would be best if you start downward despite onward.

Why not have your electric pressure washer give your house an algae-free, debris-free look. Get rid of all disgusting things with one shoot, such as mold, algae, bird poop, or dinge.

Focus on the Windows and Shutters:

The window is the essential part that we forget to wash. When any storm or gust runs outside, there is a window that protects it. The window faces all challenges itself, and it confronts dirt, debris, and corner that become filthy because none are looking at it. 

You don't need to hire a professional so that he can visit your luxury and perform his services. On the other hand, you can do it yourself. Mix up soap, shampoo, or any dirt cleaner you have bought for the market to clean up the glass use there. Microfiber would be the best choice to remove this stuff from your windows. After quoting cleaner, rub it accurately and wash it with simple water. 

Spruce Up the Porch:

We will give you full-fledged knowledge or information on how you can sweep the dirt from your wooden or stone floor? At this place, an electric pressure washer would be the best choice because it can blow up all the dust. Remember one thing, use high pressure only on stone and concrete objects. Don't try to apply on a wooden floor because It will be detrimental. Thus, rinse the water on each side of the deck and dry it properly to have a fresh feeling.

Check your deck or porch whether it demands sealant or washing. If it requires sealing, then it's not a big deal because every porch needs sealing within three years. Be ready to adopt the right way for your patio because it needs cleanness. 

Finish Up with the Pavement:

Let's talk about the pavement area that needs to be swept or washed out every day. It's not tough duty. Instead, you will gather all the stones, weeds, and cracks. Give little attention to dirt that can pass out through a higher electric pressure washer. All steps are smooth and straightforward. There is no rocket science to understand. You can clean this with your hand without consulting with professionals. When you use the pressure of water, then all stains will disappear. Also, those blots that you supposed they would not disappear. 

Cost to DIY Exterior House Cleaning vs. Hiring a Professional:

Let's suppose or think that you are considering hiring a professional cleaner for your house. He or the company will charge approximately $150 for 1-30 square meters. Yes, I know it's costly, and you can do this job yourself by getting guidance from this blog. If you do with your electric pressure washer, you don't have to pay a hefty amount for this task. 

However, If you are a competent and professional cleaner or do this job, you need a washer to wipe out the mess of the exterior house. A professional has all the tactics and information about electric pressure, when to use high pressure, and when to use low pressure. That's why people prefer to hire them because it's time-consuming. To clean the little part of the house, you need to spend lots of time. 


As long as you note down all the points you have in your mind after reading this blog, there is no need to seek the help of professionals. What a pleasant and soothing effect you will have when you see your house fresh and cleaned. It will be free of dirt, debris, and moss, and mold, cracks, and leakage would annoy you. You can confidentially call this house your heaven where you will love to spend your whole life with your loving family. Somewhat, it's an entertaining task. 


Is it necessary to hire a professional to clean up the exterior?

You can wash out debris and dirt with an electric pressure washer, and you don't need to call a professional go through this blog and gear up to sweep.

Is an electric pressure washer is a reliable and durable product?

Of course, It's a long-lasting and fantastic product for professionals and commoners. Many multinational companies and industries love to have this product and utilize it when needed. 

Is it harmful if you don't clean your exterior house once a year?

Everything demands cleanness; everything begins to rot if we do not pay attention. The same case with the house; it needs repair and maintenance within a year; otherwise, algae, debris, dirt, mold, and moss attack it. Furthermore, they leave undiminished marks on your house. 



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