Q: When and where was rockrocker founded?

A: Rockrocker was founded in California in 2015.

Q: Couldn't process the credit card or purchase?

A: To do it well, here are 3 ways: 1. please offer the last four digits of passport and bank card for us to List your as a whitelist; 2. Use Paypal; 3. try other cards or contact your credit card company or bank for help.

Q: Why my code couldn't be combined with other discounts?

A: Rockrocker always pursue high-quality products. And high quality always means high cost. We supply coupon code for thanking our old customers and welcome our new customers. So the system limits one code per purchase. Two codes couldn't be combined with your order.

Q: What are the main products sell in Rockrocker? 

A: Rockrocker mainly sell electric presser washer and robotic pool cleaner.