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    Cordless Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner

    • Cordless
    • Working cycle Max 90 minutes
    • Clean a pool up to 1076sq.ft
    • Lightweight
    • Sub-parking Alongside

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    The Most Advanced Cordless Residential Pool Robot In The Industry!

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      【Dual Drive Motor】: Equipped with two powerful and efficient motors, the cordless pool vacuum can easily cover the pool bottom.

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      【Fast Moving and Long Runtime】: With a 52.5ft / 16 mtrs a minute movement speed, the HJ1103 can clean a pool up to 1076 sq.ft / 100 sq mtrs in 90 mins.

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      【Efficient Cleaning】: 2 large suction doors cooperate with 1 bottom brush to complete the cleanup work.

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      【Agile】: Equipped with 50 watts of power , the cordless pool vacuum can easily traverses the pool bottom and climb an incline up to 15 degrees.

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      【Self-parking & Easy Retrieval】: HJ1103 cordless robotic pool cleaner will park near a pool wall when the battery is low or the cleaning operation is complete. Comes with a floating handle, making it super easy to get it out of the water.

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      【Professional Customer Service】This Automatic Pool Cleaner comes with a one-year warranty, 24hrs Sale Service. Rock&Rocker will always stand behind our products and try our best to help our customers to solve the problems.

    Battery Powered Robot Pool Cleaner For Residential Use, Cordless And Rechargeable.

    • Simple Charging

      Simply plug it into any 110v outlet to recharge for the next cleaning.
      Please attention that When the pool cleaning is finished, the charging port must be completely dried before charging to guard the charging pins against being corroded by electrolysis.

    • New Updated

      We add a charging port protector for every cordless pool robot cleaner. Charging port will not rust easily any more.We add a charging port protector for every cordless pool robot cleaner. Charging port will not rust easily any more.

    • Superior Filtering

      The cordless automatic pool cleaner has built-in fine reusable filter tray whose filtration precision up to 180 um, can trap dirt and fine debris while also cleaning and circulating the water- leaving your pool sparkling clean.


      "AWESOME!! This is the best purchase yet! Cleans my 18' by 48' pool super clean! I just charge it for 4 to 5 hours and its ready to go! Then it goes in pool and runs all over bottom for 60 to 90 min. After that the bottom of pool is spotless! The clean machine is also Very Easy to clean! I recommend highly to anyone with a pool. Great price too!" --- Michelle Hughes

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      "At first I was hesitant to buy this product because it was so much cheaper than the others on the market. However, it has far surpassed our expectations. we got this robot and it took about four days using it twice a day to clean up about two weeks of leaves. Now we only have to run him once a day to maintain the clean pool. Overall, this product is amazing and worth the money for sure and gets the job done!" --- Scionicboom

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      "This little robot did the job, it ran for 75 minutes on its 1st run and it did an awesome job. no cords or hoses to deal with and no baby sitting. As Larry the cable man would say ( get er done)" ---Casch

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