600PSI 0.88 GPM

    Cordless Portable Pressure Washer Power Cleaner

    • 300W powerful motor
    • 6-IN-1 Multi-function Nozzle
    • Equipped with 40V 2Ah Battery
    • Auto & Eco Pressure Mode
    • Trigger lock

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    You can use our power washer machine to clean outdoor home surfaces, garden furniture, cars, stairs and pool dirt in minutes.

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      【Powerful Motor】The portable pressure Washer is Cordless design, it generate up to 600 PSI and 0.88 GPM for superior cleaning power. No problem at all even to remove tough stains.

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      【Compact & Lightweight】This portable pressure washer is about 6.3lb, The compact and lightweight design can travel anywhere, It's convenient to Use anywhere when there's a water source. Support pull fresh water from bucket, bottle, stream or pool.

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      【Multi-Function Spray Nozzle】Our Portable Pressure Washer comes with multi-function nozzle with 6 spray angles, 0°, 20°, 20° slant, 40°, foam and shower mode. Its effective especially for Washing Cars, Watering Flowers, Cleaning Floors, swimming pools, doors and windows, and corners that are difficult to clean manually.

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      【Auto/Eco Pressure Modes】 You can click the pressure selector button once to switch AUTO mode (High Pressure) and ECO mode (Low Pressure for lighter cleaning tasks).

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      【Many Ways to Get Water Easily】20ft hose with filter helps pull water from any source. Support pull fresh water from bucket, bottle, stream or pool.

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      【What include】It comes with a 40V 2Ah Battery Charger; a Spray Gun; a 6-in-1 Multi-Function Nozzle; a Rotatable 180° Nozzle; a extention pipe; a Soap Bottle; a 20 ft. Hose.

    Compared with traditional pressure washer, this kind of power washer is light-weight and portable.

    Why choose our Cordless Pressure Washer

    • 6 in 1 Spray Nozzle

      Choose from six spray angles: 0°, 20°, 20° slant, 40°, foam and shower mode to tackle all sorts of cleaning demands.

    • Safety Lock

      When the handle is locked, the trigger gun cannot be operated. Children safety lock to avoid danger.

    • Filter Pipe

      This design will help you to filter impurities especially when you are using water via a river. The filter pipe can effectively filter inset, leaf residue, sediment and etc.


      "I've been looking for something like this for a while. Don't want to use my corded electric powerwasher that puts out 1600 psi to clean my truck because that'll rip the weatherstripping en badges right off. This one "only" puts out 600 psi and is just right." --- RichardWA

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      "Really interesting tool. Great alternative to a bulky pressure washer." ---Chris

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      "Inexpensive. light. easy to use. portable and battery powered!" --- Stellabeth

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