18 Inch 13.5 Amp Corded Cultivator Tiller

    The tiller cultivator features a powerful 13.5-amp motor and six blades to easily perform work such as weeding, composting, and mulch or aerate the soil. Intelligent handles with safety switches guarantee security even around delicate plants. Furthermore, wheeled and a foldable design makes it easy to transport and store properly. Enjoy your gardening work!
    • Working width: 18"
    • Working depth: 8.7"
    • 13.5 AMP power
    • Speed: 400 RPM
    • Foldable handle & easy storage
    • 6 High-hardness blades

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    Experience The One Tiller That’s Truly Up To The Task!

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      【18*8.7 Inch Large Tilling Size】: This tiller features an 18" working width and max. 8.7" working depth. The super large working size improves your efficiency, covers more soil, and makes the rotary tillage more comprehensive.

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      【Powerful Motor】: 13.5AMP powerful copper motor providing 400 RPM high speed. High torque grinding, efficient operation, make this garden tiller lose soil easily.

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      【Foldable & Easy Storage】: The folding handle design allows you to fold the tiller cultivator easily without tools. Folded size: 22.44*17.91*19 inch.

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      【Safe & Durable】: Double safety switch system on this rototiller to prevent accidental start. Press the safety button on/off trigger to start the machine. The high-hardness toughness manganese 6 steel tines ensure maximum durability and stable performance.

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      【Lightweight】: Only 24 lbs, with 2-position auxiliary adjustment wheel, which is easy to move and transport. An ergonomic anti-vibration system can effectively reduce arm fatigue.

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      【Professional Customer Service】This Electric Tiller comes with one-year warranty, 24hrs Sales Service. Rock&Rocker will always stand behind our products and try our best to help our customers to solve the problems.

    The Dirty Little Secret Of Great Gardeners.

    • Surprisingly Large Size

      13.5 amp motor rakes a 18" wide and 8.7" depth path to get your job done faster.

    • Wide Prevention Shield

      A Large prevention shield of this electric tiller help to prevent small stones/mud from splashing around and hurting.

    • Lightweight

      Only 24 lbs and can be easily lifted with one hand when folded for easy mobility.


      I used it in my garden with hard earth and many rocks, works better than expected and definitely better than my old motorized cultivator. I tried it on my grass, just to see how powerful it is. Result: I was able in couple of minutes to get a new place to put flowers.---Sonnym

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      I used this in a yard with hard soil mixed with a lot of 2" rocks. I'm very happy with how it performed.

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      My husband and a friend of ours used it to dig up , break down, added peat moss , black earth, tilled it until the earth was workable. This machine tore through the roots , chopped them to pieces and overall did what it was supposed to do. I would recommend this to anyone who has trouble digging clay soil.

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