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    Corded Robotic Pool Cleaner

    Take the hassle out of pool cleaning with this advanced robotic pool cleaner. You will find yourself with a perfectly clean and safe swimming pool in no time. This impressive device effectively cleans the floor of your pool, as well as the walls and waterline.
    • Powered by 150W drive motors, the pool vacuum delivers a high flow rate to give your pool the thorough cleaning it needs.
    • Triple-axis drive motors delivers a smart and efficient clean using advanced automatic swerving navigation,covers 20% more area.
    • It operates via a true 50ft tangle-free swivel floating cord that eliminates unnecessary hassle and accidental tripping. Ideal for in-ground swimming pools up to 50ft in length.
    • Because of its 2 large up-load cartridge filter baskets, no fine or ultra-fine dirt or debris can hide from this underwater cleaning machine.
    • Pick from 3 preset working cycles (1hr/2hrs/3hrs) to best suit your needs.
    • Ideal for In-Ground Swimming Pools up to 50Ft

    Rockrocker Automatic Pool Cleaner Made Cleaning Effortless.

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      【Complete Area Cleaning】: Picks up dirt, insects, sand, and other small debris in 20% more area.

    • 2

      【Smart Navigation】: Climbs walls and performs advanced cleaning patterns without supervision.

    • 3

      【Powerful & Efficient】: Uses triple 150W motors to power dual PVC brushes that scrub away grime.

    • 4

      【True Connection】: Includes a 50ft tangle-free swivel cord.

    • 5

      【Clean FIiltration】: Dual large cartridge filter baskets traps all dirt.

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      【Custom Modes】: Choose between 1, 2, or 3 hour cycles to best suit your needs.

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      【Professional Customer Service】This Automatic Pool Cleaner comes with a two-year warranty, 24hrs Sale Service. Rock&Rocker will always stand behind our products and try our best to help our customers to solve the problems.

    The Best Robotic Pool Cleaners That Will Keep Your Pool Sparkling.

    • Easy To Lift

      The quick water release prevents buildup in the device, ensuring the Robotic Pool Cleaner stays lightweight and easy to remove from the pool.

    • Powerful & Wall-Climbing

      Powered by 150W drive motors, the pool vacuum delivers a high flow rate to give your pool the thorough cleaning it needs. It picks up insects, dirt and sand, and other debris while scrubbing with dual PVC brushes.

    • No More Debris

      The Rockrocker Robotic Pool Cleaner has superior filtering capabilities. Twin large up-load cartridge filter baskets trap and lock in all sorts of dirt and debris, leaving your pool exceptionally clean.


      This is a big, working perfect cleaner for my small in ground pool. The power is strong enough to keep my pool clean. The dual baskets collect all waste in the pool as large as tree leaf. I use it to do part time job with my salt pool system, which save money for the power bill. ---Angelica

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      I have had a few versions of this product and it's great. I will continue to look at these products when I need a new pool cleaner. ---Justin P

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    • WOW!!!

      This little machine did a great job. I've used it only once, but it cleaned up leaves, pine needles and sand which is exactly what I was looking for. It moves along fairly quickly so it kicks up some of the debris around the area of its path. ---Gina Busichio

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