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    8-in-1 with 90° Bendable Handle

    Vibration Steam Mops

    • Easy cleaning with steam mop
    • Quick pre-heating in 20s
    • 90° Bendable Handle
    • Carpet Glider and Microfiber Mop Pads
    • Quick & Easy Assembly
    • Suitable for various floors

    It's Easy to Use, Highly Effective, and Suitable for Most Flooring Surfaces.

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      【High-powered Vibrating Steam Mop】: Exclusive vibration cleaning technology, about 6,000 times per minute, while equipped with 1300W power, can burst strong power, so that stubborn stains more easily decomposed.

    • 2

      【90° Bendable Handle】: Just press the button at the joint of the handle to bend the handle 90°, you don't have to bend down to clean the space underneath a sofa or a low table, whereas you used to have to get down on the floor to clean those hard to clean areas.

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      【Hot & Powerful Steam】: This steam mop only needs to be heated for 20s to emit 248℉ steam so you can easily melts and removes stubborn stains like grout and sticky messes. Under such high temperatures, steam will be fast drying and not leaving water streaks on your floor after cleaning and avoid any slipping.

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      【Lightweight & Portable】: Only weighs 4.4 lbs and is still capable of deep cleaning. Besides, it can be detachable for storage without taking up space.

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      【Steamers For All Floors】: This floor steamers is not only suitable for hardwood but also for marble, tile and other different floors, and you don't have to worry about water accumulation; In addition,the carpet slider can also make you clean the carpet more smoothly, Solve the problem that traditional mops cannot clean carpets.

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      【8-in-1 Mops for Floor Cleaning】: This mop comes with 8 accessories - double patch fiber cloth*1, clothing steam cloth*1, carpet slider*1, window scraper*1, nylon round brush*1, metal round brush*1, flat head spatula*1, curved nozzle high pressure nozzle*1, each accessory has its own powerful purpose.

    Our Quality Steam Mop will Clear Away Grime, Scuffs, and Stubborn Stains, Leaving Your Floor Spotless.

    • 90° Flexible Handle

      Foldable handle-Operate one-handed without bending. Easily clean hidden corners.

    • All Aound Rotation

      The handle can be rotated up and down 90°, horizontal access to the bottom space of furniture. The handle can be rotated up and down 90°, horizontal access to the bottom space of furniture.

    • Moving Free With Long Cord

      Featuring a 11.48 ft power cord to support your work, and the hook at the back of the handle can be used to organize the wire.